Tuesday, May 8, 2012


BBGSian Fabiola Leprince is spot on when she says “Our sch song was awesome. when u sing with yr spiritual eyes open u will love the song with all yr heart and soul. Thanks to her (Miss Cooke) for all that she has done for my family in times of our difficulties…”

There is something magical in our school song. Here are two testimonies on the power of these lines:

“Forgiveness free of evil done
And love to all men ‘neath the sun"

TESTIMONY #1: During the BACK2BBGS Reunion in Pavilion on 4 August 2009, one BBGSian cried when it came to these two lines. She said she immediately sought out the person (non-BBGS) and released forgiveness for the hurt inflicted on her family.

TESTIMONY #2: During Miss Cooke’s Memorial Service on 5 May 2012, another BBGSian was touched and released forgiveness to a BBGS sister who had damaged her reputation. She went around looking for her but unfortunately couldn’t find her in the crowd.

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  1. Once while I was recovering from a trauma....(I blacked out and fell faced down on Jln U Thant...) and was walking home with my mom after a visit to the hospital for follow up...I saw a familiar Grey Austin coming towards me...and guess wat..it was Ms Cooke in her car. She saw me and immediately stopped her car in the middle of the road...swung opened her car door ...got out & said..."Yo Kim; come back to church!...come back to church!" I had backslided for sometime then...cos my parents was out of job and we moved several places....such was her love for 'lost sheep' (me) ....that she couldn't care if there was any car on the road (thank God there wasn't any around at the moment...she just stopped to speak to me....I frozed at the sight of her...I merely responded...." yes! I'll be back in church soon... and at times I would hitch a ride in her car to church...and she would ask me to sing to her the songs the JIC choir was practicing...aiyoh...gulp...me sing to Ms Cooke...I sound like a toad.. Ms Cooke....I'll miss you very much....for your love, care and help. God rest your soul.