Friday, February 25, 2011

BBGS Reunion @ LONDON - 26 Feb 2011

It is 3.15 am in London now. At 1pm today, BBGSians will gather at Souk Bazaar to sing the BBGS school song and have a fun time reconnecting with one another and making new friends.

Melissa Siew shares a link showing photos of Class of '89 reunion held in London in July 2009. Please click on link for more photos and captions

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BBGS Reunion @ LONDON - 26 Feb 2011

1 DAY TO GO ... BBGS Reunion @ London Countdown. 1pm-5pm, 26 Feb 2011, Souk Bazaar. Check out Bbgs Ogaeu. Let nothing stop you gals from having a G-R-E-A-T time!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our heartfelt sympathy to Mrs Junie Simon on the demise of her beloved husband, the late Mr Eric Simon

UPDATE: 1.25 am, 24 February 2011 (Thurs)

When we attended the wake service of the late Mr Eric Simon, we printed and passed your condolence messages to Mrs Junie Simon. She thanked BBGSians for your care and concern.

Mrs Simon attends the same church as Miss Yeap. Met a church member there who just visited Miss Yeap...she said when she was reading the Psalms to Miss Yeap, her eyes were open and looking at her. A mighty good sign! SY

We regret to inform you that THE LATE MR ERIC SIMON, beloved husband of Mrs Junie Simon, a former BBGS teacher passed away yesterday afternoon. The wake service will held at 8.30pm on 23 Feb (Wed) at the PJ Gospel Hall, Jalan Gasing. The funeral service will be conducted at 10am on 24 Feb (Thurs) at the same venue. On behalf of BBGSians, the OGA sends our heartfelt sympathy to Mrs Simon and her family.

To view BBGOGA Facebook for condolence messages, please click on links.

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    • Norrizan Bahari takziah.
      17 hours ago ·
    • Farah Abdul Rahim My condolences
      14 hours ago ·
    • Winnie Wong My condolences, please take care.
      8 hours ago ·
    • May Yoke Cheah So sorry to hear that. Dear Mrs Simon, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
      2 hours ago ·
    • Sue Lee My condolences to Mrs Simon.
      24 minutes ago ·
Yesterday at 7:52am · · ·
    • Catherine Peter Moey Mrs Simon, we shall uphold you in prayer at this time - great loss but we shall all meet again when we see our Father. Take care.
      Yesterday at 9:16am ·
    • Mary Ng Deepest condolence to Mrs Simon and her family.
      Yesterday at 9:57am ·
    • Wong Lee Chin Mrs Simon, our prayers and thots are with u during this difficult time.
      Yesterday at 10:41am ·
    • Angeline Cheong Mrs Simon, condolences frm Cheong Swee Hong and family
      Yesterday at 11:13am ·
    • Norlida Hamzah My deepest condolence to Mrs Simon and her family..
      Yesterday at 1:16pm ·
    • Belinda P K Tan My deepest condolences to Mrs Simon & her fmly...
      22 hours ago ·

  • Lee Kim Lian My deepest condolence to Mrs Simon & family.
    Lee Kim Lian (3C1 -1980)
    4 hours ago ·
  • Lily Lo Deepest condolence to Mrs. Simon and family. My prayers are with you and family.
    4 hours ago ·
  • Wanazlina Merican Deepest sympathy to Mrs Simon and family - may the Lord bless the soul of Mr Eric Simon and place him among the righteous, amin.
    4 hours ago ·
  • Grace Ang Lee Deepest condolence pls take care.n God bless u n family.
    4 hours ago ·
  • Yasmin Abdul Majid Deepest condolences to dearest Mrs Simon and family.
    3 hours ago ·
  • Rita Cho Mrs Simon, deepest condolences to you and your family. You will not be alone. God is forever with you. Take care.
    3 hours ago ·
  • Sue Lee Mrs Simon my deepest condolences to you and your family.
    I remember Mr & Mrs Simon from Jalan Gasing Gospel Hall where I attended from primary school till I left for Sydney.(1971)
    3 hours ago ·

Mrs. Simon is our former BBGS teacher in charge of Girl Guides. She was Guide Captain of the BBGS Girl Guide Company until she became State Commissioner of Persatuan Pandu Puteri Wilayah Persekutuan KL. She retired as State Commissioner last year after about 17 years. This photo was taken at the BBGS OGA lunch on 6 March 2010. Seated L-R: Mrs Junie Simon, Ms Khoo Suat Pheng, and Miss Moey Yoke Lai. Standing, L-R: Datin Sharifah Mariatun, Miss Tham and Miss Yeap Gaik Khoon.

PS: Datin Sharifah and Miss Tham are also former BBGS teachers. They were still in their Girl Guide officer uniform as they came straight to the OGA lunch from a Girl Guides' event.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BBGS Badge for Your Facebook Profile

Hi BBGSians, thanks for responding to our request to put BBGS onto your Facebook profile. Many of you have requested for our school badge to add to your FB. Here's the image of the badge as promised.

However, please bear in mind that the BBGS logo is copyrighted and cannot be used for commercial purposes without the prior permission of the BBGS Old Girls' Association.

(instructions by Eileen Lim)

Look at top left corner, below your name and click on 'Edit My Profile'

Now look at the list on the left side and click on 'Education and Work'

Look for Secondary School & type BBGS or Bukit Bintang Girls’ School

Please click here to download

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


UPDATED AT 11.48 PM ON 20 APRIL 2011

This afternoon, we received an encouraging update on Miss Yeap's progress from her grandniece, Mei Lyn.

Miss Yeap is starting to walk again! The family is ecstatic even though she is just managing a few steps with the aid of a walker. Her spine strength and arm movements have improved a lot.

Said Mei Lyn: "Please thank BBGSians who have been visiting Miss Yeap as well as those who have been sending prayers, good wishes and positive energy from afar."

UPDATE: 25 March 2011 (Fri), 10 am

Good News! Miss Yeap is now recuperating and starting physiotherapy treatment in an extended care hospital in Shah Alam.

VENUE: Room 95, Columbia Asia Extended Care Hospital, Lot 2, Jalan Baung, Shah Alam, Selangor


NOTE: In order not to tax Miss Yeap’s energy at this time, please go in a group and keep your visit short. Try not to ask Miss Yeap if she can recognize as it will put a strain on her memory. Simply identify yourself by telling Miss Yeap your name and the class you were in. Be positive!

UPDATE: 18 March 2011 (Fri), 9.30am

We received news that Miss Yeap will be discharged from the hospital on 21 March (Mon). However, as she still needs 24-hour nursing care, she might not be able to go home yet. The family is working out a solution and we will inform you concerning their decision.

UPDATE: 14 March 2011 (Mon), 2.30am

Report by SY Phang, President BBGS OGA

The BBGS OGA sent two representatives to visit Miss Yeap at 5.30 pm on 13 March (Sunday).

As Miss Yeap is still prone to infection, we did not send any flowers. Instead we printed all your Facebook get-well wishes — more than 13 pages and slipped them into a clear folder to present to her.

Miss Yeap is looking much better, with a healthy colour coming back to her cheeks. She was sleeping when SS Patricia and I arrived at her bedside. Later, she opened her eyes but went back to sleep.

But as we prayed for her, she opened her eyes again and reached out to hold my hand. As we did not want to tire her out, we left after 10 minutes and requested her niece to help read your love messages to her.

Thank God for answering all our prayers for Miss Yeap.

Nisi Dominus Frustra!

PS: Although Miss Yeap's family said that BBGSians can visit her now, we feel that Miss Yeap is still weak and having too many visitors may wear her out at this point. Perhaps, it is wiser to give Miss Yeap a couple of weeks before BBGSians visit her in droves. Also, it will be good to keep your visit short and refrain from seeing her if you have cough and cold.

UPDATE: 4 March 2011 (Fri), 11.10 pm

Praise God that He has answered all our prayers for Miss Yeap. This morning, she was finally transferred out of ICU to the ward and was able to recognise her family members.

However, Miss Yeap is still on antibiotics and has a tube in her throat so she is not able to talk yet.

The OGA will arrange to send a bouquet of flowers to Miss Yeap first. We will let you know when she is ready for visitors.

Nisi Dominus Frustra … With God All Things Are Possible!

UPDATE: 26 FEB 2011 (SAT), 12.05 am

Received this sms from Mei-Lyn regarding Miss Yeap, at 12am, 26 Feb: "Quick Update: She's awake more now. Infection in lungs causing lots of phlegm. Off the ventilator tho, and looks more alert & aware."

UPDATE: 24 FEB 2011 (THURS), 1.30 am

When we attended the wake service of the late Mr Eric Simon, beloved husband of former BBGS teacher Mrs Junie Simon, we met a church member who had just visited Miss Yeap. She said when she was reading the Psalms to Miss Yeap, her eyes were open and looking at her. A mighty good sign!

UPDATE: 21 FEB 2011 (MON), 11.30 pm

Good news. Miss Yeap is responding to the heavy dose of antibiotics and her fever has gone down slightly. Please keep praying and heed Miss Yeo's advice below.

UPDATE: 19 FEB 2011 (SAT), 10.00 pm

Says Miss Yeo Kim Eng: "If you love Miss Yeap, please stay away from her now. The best thing you can do is to intensify your prayers for Miss Yeap."

When Miss Yeo heard that Miss Yeap is on a heavy dose of antibiotics due to infection, she advises all BBGSians to refrain from visiting Miss Yeap.

"We all carry germs so it is best we do not visit Miss Yeap at this time," adds Miss Yeo. The doctors are limiting even the visits of Miss Yeap's family.

UPDATE: 17 FEB 2011 (THURS), 7.00 pm

Happy Chap Goh Mei!

Still having problem getting her breathing properly - she's not getting ideal levels of oxygen. Lots of phlegm that needs to be cleared - they've put her on medication for that. Heat is stable, as is BP. Eyes open every now and again, but she's not conscious enough for recognition nor speech. Still in ICU. Not shifted to ward yet.—
Mei-Lyn, grandniece of Miss Yeap.

UPDATE: 11 FEB 2011 (TUES), 11.00 pm

So sorry for those who want to send a bouquet to Miss Yeap. As she is still in the ICU, please do not send any flowers yet. We will inform you as soon as Miss Yeap moves out of the ICU into a ward. Thanks.

UPDATE: 8 FEB 2011 (TUES), 2.15pm

So excited to share this sms from Miss Yeap's grandniece, Mei-Lyn: “Encouraging news! They’re weaning her off the ventilator. She’s breathing on her own! 2hrs at a time so less stress to body, but still great news I think!”


This email, addressed to BBGSians, is written by Miss Yeap's grand-niece who has been staying with her.

My name is Mei Lyn and I'm Ms Yeap's grand niece. Thank you all for
all your kind thoughts, comments and fervent prayers. We are all
trying to stay positive about the whole situation.

My grand aunt has yet to regain full consciousness, but the doctors
say that upon prompting, she opens her eyes briefly and can process
simple commands, so they are very positive about the condition of her

However, her body is not handling the stress of surgery well, and
there are some complications with her heart & BP. She is being treated
for that by a cardio, and was previously sedated again to stabilise. Today,
they performed a minor procedure to insert a tube into the throat for
better hookup to the ventilator. The procedure went smoothly, and she
is resting again in ICU.

Thank you all for not insisting on visiting her in ICU. It is very
obvious that she is much beloved. However, even the family has
received stern advice from the doctors & nurses about the ease of
infection, and how we all carry pathogens. She is so very vulnerable
right now.

I've heard that there is a lot of information flying about from
various sources. Unfortunately, from one hand to the next, some are in
danger of creating panic, etc. We are unable to curtail the spread of
information, but we fear the spread of less than accurate details.
Luckily Sow Yoong, has been more than considerate and checks with us
to help correct the details.

Please don't rush to the hospital. We thank you for the flood of
concern, but please do understand the need for a clean environment.
Right now, she's sedated from today's procedure, stable but still on
the critical list in ICU.

All prayers/positive energy/good thoughts are deeply appreciated.

UPDATE - 7 FEB 2011 (MON), 3.25pm

Please ignore latest sms that Miss Yeap had gone in for another operation. It was JUST A MINOR PROCEDURE TO INSERT A TUBE INTO HER THROAT to facilitate breathing via a ventilator. Kindly forward this clarification by Miss Yeap's family to those who had sent you the sms.

UPDATE - 7 FEB 2011 (MON), 11am
Once again, Miss Yeap's family would like to thank you for your prayers. They appreciate your compliance to their request NOT TO VISIT Miss Yeap so as to allow her rest and to minimise the risk of germ infection. As Miss Yeap is getting conscious and recovering from the trauma, she is often restless. Thus, the doctors have to administer heavy sedation in order for her body to rest to facilitate healing. Please pray that God will physically strengthen Miss Yeap who is now 73 years old.

UPDATE - 4 FEB 2011
Miss Yeap's family wishes to thank BBGSians for refraining from visiting her as she is susceptible to infection at this time. The doctors are still monitoring Miss Yeap who has not fully regained consciousness. Please continue to pray for her speedy recovery.

Please pray for our beloved former headmistress, MISS YEAP GAIK KHOON, who was hit on the head by a snatch thief on 30.1.11.

She underwent a successful operation to remove a blood clot and regained consciousness around 10 am on 31.1.11.

Strictly no visitors allowed at her family’s request. Please check this blog for further updates.

To check out BBGS OGA Facebook, please click,


BBGS OGA will be sending a bouquet of flowers on behalf of all alumnae as soon as Miss Yeap is out of the Intensive Care Unit. Please write your messages here so we can send her your love and words of encouragement.
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  • 50 of 55
    • Kate Lee May the lord be with you and get well soon!
      12 hours ago ·
    • Jaime Lau Dear Ms Yeap, wishing you a speedy recovery. God Bless you. Your student, Jaime Lau 1H '91.
      12 hours ago ·
    • Yang Fairuz Dearest Ms Yeap, you once told my sister who's suffering from stroke to always stay strong and the key to getting better is in a positive mind. I know you will get through this. Hope to see you up and about soon - from the Yang sisters and Abdul Aziz Sultan
      11 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Gina Low Get Well Soon Ms Yeap...praying for you.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Zaireen Zainal Abidin Dear Ms.Yeap, hope u get well soon. Our prayers are with you. Take care :) With love, Zaireen Class of '92.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Sheela Sudhakaran Get well soon Miss Yeap
      11 hours ago ·
    • Aina Zahari Dearest Miss Yeap, much love and prayers for a speedy recovery to our beloved, selfless principal and mentor. We hope to be able to visit you soon. - From Pn. Zakiah, Aina & Liza
      11 hours ago ·
    • Diana Yahya-Norazmi Dear Ms. Yeap, my prayers are with u.. Stay strong n get well soon.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Arename Adam Dear Ms Yap...Hope u will recover soon..May God Bless U....
      11 hours ago ·
    • Rebecca Barasorda We will be praying for you for a speedy recovery. Greetings from Los Angeles. Student 1996
      11 hours ago ·
    • Haslinda Mohd. Zain Get well soon Ms. Yeap, in time for the CNY celebrations. From Haslinda, class of 1984-1988.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Adrea Abdullah hope u get better soon miss yap. u r an angel who guide all of us thru our learning years. we pray u get well soon. love u always...
      11 hours ago · · 2 people
    • Sheila Ganesan Dearest Miss Yeap, please get well soon and we hope justice will prevail for those who have harmed you. Praying for your safe recovery. Love from ~Shantini and Sheila Ganesan~
      11 hours ago ·
    • Jayanthi Rama Ms. Yeap dearest, we pray for your speedy recovery. The guidance you gave with unconditional love, will see you through this ordeal. You are loved by so many and our prayers will always be with you...Love always Jayanthi class of '93
      11 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Sara Julaihi Dear Ms Yeap, wishing you a speedy recovery...and happy Chinese New Year!
      11 hours ago ·
    • Zainoreen Zainal Dear Miss Yeap, wishing and praying for your speedy recovery. Lots of love from, Zainoreen (class of 93)
      11 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Za Zaki Dear Ms Yap....Get well soon....we'll b waitin 4 u....
      11 hours ago ·
    • Geneviene Wong Jen-Pei Dearest Ms Yeap, wishing you a speedy recovery! Keeping you in my prayers. Lots of love and hugs, Geneviene (class of 93)
      11 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Musliza Musa Dear Ms Yeap, get well soon!
      11 hours ago ·
    • Lina Tong Dear Ms Yeap.Get well soon.Thoughts and prayers are with you. Lina Tong (Class of 94)
      11 hours ago ·
    • Jayanthi Rama Does anyone know the details of ms.yeap's admission? I.e which hosp, which ward?
      11 hours ago ·
    • Tracy Too Dear Miss Yeap, please be strong and get well soon. My thoughts and prayers with you. NISI DOMINUS FRUSTRA! Love from your student, Tracy Too, Class 5A4 1991.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Bbgs Oga Sorry Jayanthi, we are not at liberty to give the details as Miss Yeap's family prefers not to have visitors at this time so as to allow her complete rest.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Zaza Abdul Mutalib what happen to miss yeap?? omg
      11 hours ago ·
    • Shila Ishak My prayers for you to recover SOON !! You're strong enough to go through this situation !! We love you !!!
      11 hours ago ·
    • Jayanthi Rama Thank you for the information and for passing all our prayers & love to her..
      11 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Basri Maliza dear ms yeapt we pray to god so u will get well soon.pls be strong .fr maliza 5A1 1991
      11 hours ago ·
    • Fiza Mohd Dearest Miss Yeap....please be strong..our prayers are with u now..get well soon!!we luv u sooo much..
      11 hours ago ·
    • Nurin Afzani Makrai Dearest Ms Yeap...Get well soon...May God Bless you....Be strong.....
      11 hours ago ·
    • Diba Jamalluddin Dear Ms. Yeap, get well soon. From Diba Jamalluddin, class 1988
      10 hours ago ·
    • Ain Kalam Osbahr Dear Ms Yeap, we pray for your speedy recover... stay strong... Nurain Mohd Kalam class 1989..
      10 hours ago ·
    • Sun Sun Yap Dear Ms Yeap, pls stay strong and hope that you get well soon. From Sun Sun, class of 96
      10 hours ago ·
    • Hanie S Noor Dear Ms Yeap, what an unfortunate incident to have happened to someone as beautiful and wonderful as will be in my prayers.get well soon!hanie class of '96
      10 hours ago ·
    • Gayathri Valusamyi Beloved Ms.Yap, get well soon. hope too c u again. god bless u. from gayathri class of 2000
      10 hours ago ·
    • Juwita Suwito Been praying for you, Ms Yeap. Glad to know you're on the road to recovery! Much love.
      10 hours ago ·
    • Zaza Abdul Mutalib be strong miss yeap... pray for u...
      10 hours ago ·
    • Hoong Bee Lim Speedy recovery Ms.Yeap! My prayers are with you. ~Hoong Bee, class of 97

      ( thanks OGA)
      10 hours ago ·
    • Jazlinawati Osman Stay positive as you have always been. Get well soon Ms Yeap..Jazlina 5Sc4 '91
      10 hours ago ·
    • Reeza Yusof My thoughts and prayers are with her. Hope she recovers quickly - Sri Reeza Yusof
      10 hours ago ·
    • Stella Choy Wishing you a speedy recovery & remember that our prayers are with you, always..
      10 hours ago ·
    • Lee Fong Ms Yeap, get well soon, god bless.
      9 hours ago ·
    • Vinobha Velappan Dear Miss Yeap, please get well soon. Our prayers are for your speedy recovery. Be strong... dear Miss Yeap.. Vinobha 5A1 1991
      9 hours ago ·
    • Low Hooi Han Dear Miss Yeap, wishing you a speedy recovery.
      8 hours ago ·
    • Samantha Menge Dear Ms Yeap, Get well soon!!!! 5A3 1991.
      8 hours ago ·
    • Suzima Abu-Zarin All the best and get well soon, Ms Yeap.
      5 hours ago ·
    • May Cheong Abdullah Dear Ms Yeap, wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope to see you soon! Much love, Phaik Cheen & Phaik Geok (also from our parents & (not so) little brother, too).
      3 hours ago ·
    • May Yoke Cheah Dear Ms Yeap, you have always been our pillar of strength. Praying that God will give you strength and speed your recovery.
      2 hours ago ·
    • Bernadette Yeoh Thank God for a successful operation and wishing you a speedy recovery.
      about an hour ago ·
    • Nicole Low Dear Ms Yeap, wishing u a speedy recovery n God bless....
      about an hour ago ·
    • Junaida Hamid Wish you a speedy recovery, and get well soon.
      12 minutes ago ·

In case you had missed this, we are repeating the announcement. Miss Yeap Gaik Khoon was hit on the head by a snatch thief on Sunday. She underwent a successful operation to remove a blood clot and regained consciousness around 10am yesterday.
BBGS OGA will be sending a bouquet of flowers on behalf of all alumnae as soon as Miss Yeap is out of the Intensive Care Unit. Please write your messages here so we can send her your love and words of encouragement.
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    • Alysia Charlene Ms. Yap u r a strong woman...hv faith that u will cum out of tis as a stronger person...u will be kept in my prayers...
      11 hours ago ·
    • Ain Kalam Osbahr oh my.... :'(....
      11 hours ago ·
    • Wernlu Tante get well soon ms yeap! May the Lord comfort you as you rest up :) -wernlu
      11 hours ago ·
    • Nurhafiza Zulkipli Pray that Ms Yeap will recover soon..
      11 hours ago ·
    • Noorain Mohiddin Sending you love and prayers Ms Yeap. Hope you get well soon.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Nurhaniza Mokhtar get well soon Ms Yeap!!!
      11 hours ago ·
    • AceBaby Amillia Lum My prayers for her to get well soon.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Kelly Yong Praying for quick recovery. Get well soon Miss Yeap.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Boon Wai Leng Ms Yeap, wish you get well soon..i will pray hard for your speedy recovery..May God bless you! From Wai Leng, student of Year 1996.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Ellie Mohd get well soon ms.yap...take prayer goes 2 u..
      11 hours ago ·
    • Ng Wye Wye May we know which hospital/room she's at? Would like to visit her if it's okay. Praying for your speedy healing Ms. Yeap! Take care...
      11 hours ago ·
    • Nurfuzah Ab Karim Get well soon Ms Yeap...
      10 hours ago ·
    • Mariam Yaacob Get well soon Ms yeap..
      10 hours ago ·
    • Jasmine Loh Ms yeap get well soon. All prayers for a speedy recovery
      10 hours ago ·
    • Jolene Tan Wy-Min Rest well and take lots of care Ms Yeap!
      10 hours ago ·
    • Yit Lee Hoh-Randolph Get well soon & Take care!
      10 hours ago ·
    • Rosemaliza Kamalludeen Ms Yeap, please have plenty of rest, and get well soon.
      10 hours ago ·
    • Sharif Banafee Shaza Irinah Get well soon ms yeap!take care!
      10 hours ago ·
    • Rachel Leong Ms Yeap, get well soon. May GOD will take great of you.
      10 hours ago ·
    • Zurina Shukor Hope you'll recover soon Ms Yeap.
      9 hours ago ·
    • Tun Noor Azorah Get well soon, Miss Yeap!
      9 hours ago ·
    • Sharifah Lubna Alsagoff Oh dear. I hope she is ok. Please convey my wish to Ms. Yeap and pray is recuperating well. Nothing serious God willing. Sharifah 1988 batch - Dubai. Send my love to her and my prayers and thoughts goes out to Ms. Yeap.
      9 hours ago ·
    • Fatin Mustaffa hope u'll get better soon ms yeap! =)
      8 hours ago ·
    • Gladys Oh Greetings from Hong Kong Ms Yeap. Please get well soon. Hoping you will be as fit as before, if not FITTER! Will pray for you. Gladys Oh ...
      Year 1983.
      8 hours ago ·
    • Karen Khoo Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Miss Yeap... Praying for a speedy recovery...
      5 hours ago ·
    • Haliza Rose Speedy recovery Ms Yeap. Take care and have a good rest.
      3 hours ago ·
    • Ivan Ida Hoh Get well soon. I know nothing can take you down that easily. Not even a cowardly snatch thief. You take care and be strong. Plenty of girl rooting for your recovery.
      3 hours ago ·
    • Farah Adriza Zabir Get well soon Ms Yeap!
      3 hours ago ·
    • Vanessa Schaefer Sorry to hear. Praying for a speedy recovery.
      3 hours ago ·
        • Dear BBGSians, there have been requests for information concerning the hospital where Miss Yeap is warded. Sorry, we are not at liberty to disclose the information as per the request of Miss Yeap's family who wants her to get complete rest, undisturbed by visitors at this moment. When Miss Yeap is out of the ICU, the OGA will be sending a bouquet of flowers on your behalf and will be passing your love notes to her.
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            • Jacqueline Doss Wishing you a speedy recovery Miss Yeap!
              9 hours ago ·
            • Karen Khoo Oh no... Praying for a speedy recovery for Miss Yeap...
              6 hours ago ·
            • Jackqueline Lee Pray for Miss Yeap get well soon and god bless her and her family members
              6 hours ago ·
            • Vivian Lau Get well soon Miss Yeap...
              6 hours ago ·
            • Juwita Mudzafar Ms Yeap, get well soon! We are all praying for your recovery....
              3 hours ago ·
            • Daphne Yeong Get well soon Ms Yeap
              2 hours ago ·
            • Peay Ying Hor wishing Ms Yeap a speedy recovery..
              2 hours ago ·
            • Jasmin Abdul Rashid Miss Yeap : get well soon from Jasmin, Class of '94.
              50 minutes ago ·
            • Wuiping Yap Dear Ms. Yeap,
              You are the anchor and strength to many of us through the years - now let us contribute our strength to you - you will get through this - our thoughts and love with you. (Class of 93)
              39 minutes ago ·
            • Peck Kwan Loh Get well soon............ We love you!
              36 minutes ago ·