Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Neither Disability Nor Success Shall Prevent Our Alumnae From Remembering Our BBGS Roots

Not only were we touched to see Ras Adiba Radzi paying her last respect to Miss Cooke despite her disability, we were also encouraged to see successful alumnae who remember their BBGS roots.

A BBGSian came with her VIP husband and her children for the funeral service. So touching to see her husband comforting her as she grieved over our loss.

Another BBGSian Elizabeth Lee Fuh Yen sent us this sms…

"On behalf of the Sunway Education Group, I wish to offer scholarships worth up to RM500,000 (1/2million) thru the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation to the Elena Cooke Education Fund in honour of her life as a true educationist."

From Elizabeth Lee Fuh Yen, proud BBGSian Class of '76 (now Executive Director of Sunway Education Group).

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