Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ON TEACHER'S DAY ... a 95-year-old teacher remembers a very special student

At the age of 17, Miss Ma Tak Yan started teaching in BBGS. She taught a bright student by the name of Elena Maud Cooke who had double promotion in primary school (from Standard 4, straight to Standard 6). 

Miss Ma commented: "Elena was talkative but she was very brilliant and well behaved. She later became a BBGS teacher. I had been praying for Elena when she was down with cancer and Alzheimer's disease. I am relieved that she is now in Heaven - a far better place. " 

Miss Elena Cooke was a student of Miss Ma who started teaching in BBGS at the age of 17. Miss Ma went on to become the headmistress of BBGS Primary School 2 in1958. She retired in 1977 and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Thousands of students still hold fond memories of the BBGS Primary School.

At 95, Miss Ma's memory is sharp. Her hearing is good and she still speaks with the clear voice of a headmistress.  She keeps herself busy writing letters to her former students (her handwriting puts many of us to shame) and knitting scarves for friends. She attributes these abilities to God's blessings and is full of thanksgiving for His goodness. (Photo courtesy of Rosemarie Peng)


  1. I remember Miss Ma, she was the headmistress when I attended BBGS Primary School in 1962-1967 and went to BBGS Secondary school,Miss Cooke was the headmistress. This website has brought back many fond memories. My family immigrated to US in 1969.I noticed Rosemarie Peng posted this bloq. I don't know she remember me. My name is Lim Youk Sum, I remember you, and have a photo of her. Thank you for sharing these pictures of Miss Ma. I would love to get in touch with Rosemarie and Miss Ma. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dear Janet, we are so sorry, we missed your letter. If you can give us your email, we will ask Rosemarie to contact you. Will ask Miss Ma's permission to give her Melbourne number to you the next time we call her. Nisi Dominus Frustra. BBGS OGA