Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Origin of Our BBGS School Song

Thanks, Eileen Lim for sharing this....

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  • Wow, look what I discovered about our school song while surfing the internet :)

    Our school song was adapted from a hymn called 'Land of Our Birth'. The full text of the hymn can be found here:

    The lyrics were written by poet Rudyard Kipling in 1906 and the tune was composed by C. Burney. See the music score here:

    ...and it looks like BBGS was not the only school which used this hymn as a school song! It was also the school hymn of:

    1) a girls' school formerly known as Stratford House School in Kent, England...
    (In 1994 Stratford House School merged with another local girls school, and is now called Farringtons School)


    2) Southlands College, a girls' school in Galle, Sri Lanka founded by Christian missionaries in 1885...

    Interesting eh?! (Ah, the wonders of the internet... instant information at thy fingertips!)
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      • Bbgs Oga Thanks heaps, Eileen. Any idea who wrote the lyrics of our school song ? One of our girls asked earlier. Still clueless!
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      • Eileen Lim The lyrics were written by poet Rudyard Kipling. Did you click on 'See more' above? :)
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      • Eileen Lim In a nutshell: For our school song, 'B B G S' replaced the original starting words 'Land of our birth'... and 'As loyal women with our race' replaced 'As men and women with our race'. The rest of the words are the same... and we use only 4 verses out of the original 8.

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