Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ntv7 Interview - Elena Cooke Education Fund

This is a recording of the interview taken via handphone. We will post the actual one when we get a copy of the recording from ntv7

Please note that the email address is and not as shown by ntv7

Monday, February 18, 2013


Tune into ntv7 The Breakfast Show before 8am on 20 Feb 2013 (Wed). There will be a 10-minute interview with two directors of BBGS Alumni Berhad--Miss Yoke-Lai Moey and Datin Azimah Rahim--who will be sharing about our BBGS legacy and the Elena Cooke Education Fund.

Well done, Miss Moey Yoke Lai and Datin Azimah in representing BBGS on TV. BBGS is alive! There are several comments coming in from BBGSians all over the world to show that they are excited to see their alma mater being revived. The Elena Cooke Education Fund is one way BBGSians can give back to society having benefitted from the excellent education we received in BBGS.

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