Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Star Triplets of BBGS ... From the Class of 1992

Can you identify them? Suzanie Adina Mat Saat, Geshina Ayu Mat Saat and Aniza Heidi Mat Saat.

  • Bbgs Oga Yes...these are the three cute little girls that i remember from primary school!!!! I can still remember those faces ( and you girls used to have very curly hair, right?) ...Glad you girls have grown and as our school song goes "When we are grown and take our place
    As loyal women of our race

    3 hours ago · 

  • Suzanie Adina Mat Saat Still hv the curls and passed it on to our own hunny bunnies. Still looking for pics of us in school uniforms. I think we had an article in the school mag. Same year with Khatijah Ibrahim's interview. Anybody has that?
    3 hours ago ·  ·  1

  • Lily Chin Still great looking yah three of you :)
    3 hours ago · 

  • Suzanie Adina Mat Saat Hehee, tq. Working on losing last year's donuts...
    2 hours ago · 

  • Lily Chin good Luck to you.. which year were you? me from year of 88
    2 hours ago · 

  • Suzanie Adina Mat Saat Grad 1992. Geshina & Aniza went to MRSM Muzaffar Syah, Melaka after form 3.
    2 hours ago · 

  • Lily Chin Ok great chatting with you :) Take care
    2 hours ago · 

  • Zaireen Zainal Abidin suzanie, i hv that article (tak ingat yearbook tahun bila)
    2 hours ago · 

  • Natasha Jimin omg ! the triplets ! i think one of you had appendix kan , then turned out to be so super duper thin.... the thin part jeolous lah :p
    53 minutes ago · 

  • Suzanie Adina Mat Saat Ya, it was Aniza. Tetiba she had sakit perut, demam tinggi masa tgh buat iklan KFC. Rupa2mya her appendix dah bengkak teruk.
    28 minutes ago · 

    Geshina Ayu Mat Saat - batch 1992
    My triplet said...
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    • You like this.

      • Bbgs Oga Yipee...another BBGSian in the news. Criminologist and psychologist - that's a very interesting profession! So, Suzanie, can you post a picture of you triplets (primary, secondary and now) here? I vaguely remember seeing triple when i was in school (1988) and i wonder if it is you girls :-)
        3 hours ago · 

      • Zaireen Zainal Abidin they were also very famous in advertisements back in the '90s :)
        2 hours ago · 

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