Saturday, December 22, 2012


BBGS Alumni Berhad Chairman Miss Moey Yoke Lai (left) and Sunway Education Group Senior 
Executive Director Ms Elizabeth Lee (right) holding the Memorandum of Cooperation. 
Witnessing the occasion were Sunway University Vice-Chancellor Prof Graeme Wilkinson (fifth from left) 
and BBGS alumnae and Sunway staff.

As soon as news of Miss Cooke’s demise on 2 May 2012 was announced, the BBGS Old Girls’ Association received an sms message from an alumna: “On behalf of the Sunway Ed Group I wish to give a scholarship up to RM100K thru the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation via BBGSOGA to Elena Cooke Ed Fund in honour of her life as a true educator. Elizabeth Lee Fuh Yen, proud BBGSian Class of 76”.

Less than 30mins later, another sms came in: “On hindsight, since this is for education & for our dearest Ms Cooke, I’d like to now pledge up to RM500K. Details to be worked out.”

After months of preparation by representatives of the Sunway Education Group (SEG) and BBGS Alumni Berhad (BAB), the official signing ceremony was held at 10am on 20 December 2012 at the Graduate Centre at the Sunway University.

Under the Memorandum of Cooperation, the Sunway Education Group, which is owned and governed by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, will sponsor tuition fees worth RM500,000 (or equivalent to 10 scholarships) while BAB will be responsible for cash grants of RM10,600 per academic year for each successful applicant to cover accommodation costs, book purchases and living expenses. Besides identifying the potential candidates, BAB shall provide some form of mentoring programme as a means to guide the successful candidate to cope or adapt to the study programme.

SEG Senior Executive Director Ms Elizabeth Lee explained: "These scholarships would also provide an opportunity for other BBGS alumnae to play a role, besides giving money, in mentoring scholarship holders from underprivileged families." 

“I also hope that more BBGSians in positions of influence in other corporations will join us in giving a helping hand to the Elena Cooke Education Fund. When I received an email announcement of Miss Cooke’s passing, it suddenly struck me that I am placed in my present position for a purpose. If I can help my alma mater, why don’t I do my part in repaying what BBGS has done for me?”

BBGSians will have plenty of opportunities to use their positions of influence in the corporate sector to help build the Elena Cooke Education Fund in the “1,200 Shining Stars” fundraising campaign that was announced by BAB Chairman Miss Moey Yoke Lai during the signing ceremony.

In conjunction with BBGS 120th anniversary celebrations in 2013, we are now launching the ‘1,200 Shining Stars’ fundraising campaign which involves the lighting up of 1,200 stars on the BBGS.ElenaCooke Facebook page to raise RM1.2 million for the ECE Fund.

For every donation of RM1,000, one star will be lit up on our Facebook page. Donations of RM1,000 each can be made individually or collectively. Donors can light up more than one star at a time. We hope to get 1,200 stars shining to reach our target of RM1.2 million.

Former BBGS students, teachers, staff, friends, well wishers and corporations are welcome to contribute to the Elena Cooke Education Fund.

Please LIKE our ‘1,200 Shining Stars’ FB page:

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