Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kindness Begets Kindness

Here is a real story (posted on BBGS OGA Facebook) about how a BBGSian was touched by Miss Cooke's generosity...!/bbgsoga/posts/485298538160440?notif_t=like

One day, after school, Miss Elena M Cooke walked past a classroom and noticed a lone BBGSian sitting at her desk, looking dejected.

Miss Cooke stopped by and asked: "Dear, why are you looking so sad?"

The student explained that she had applied for a Government scholarship but she was only awarded a partial subsidy. She wanted so much to do well in her Form Five exam in order to qualify for Form Six. Miss Cooke encouraged her not to give up hope.

Next morning, the student was "summoned" to Miss Cooke's office. Smiling, Miss Cooke handed her an envelope and asked her to open it. In it were a cash cheque for RM300 and a letter stating that the student DID NOT NEED TO RETURN THE MONEY but, when successful, she should "HELP OTHERS IN NEED".

Fourteen years later, this same student returned to her alma mater and asked the then headmistress Miss Yeap if there were BBGSians who needed financial help. She donated RM1,000 to three sisters who were orphans.

Till today, this student has never forgotten Miss Cooke's kindness. She is always looking for ways to return her headmistress' kindness. No wonder, she immediately donated RM5,000 when she heard about the Elena Cooke Education Fund!

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