Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Singing in the Rain and
Stealing the Thunder from Sydney!

To listen to the school song sang in Sydney, click here...

Twenty BBGSians, who held a mini reunion at the home of Bebe Sim in Sydney, brought down the rain and stole the thunder when they sang "BBGS, We Pledge to Thee" on the second day of the new year.

This mini reunion was an initial gathering of BBGSians who are living in Sydney to plan for a bigger reunion on 17 September 2011. With eight months away, the informal "Sydney Chapter" hopes to reconnect with more BBGSians in Sydney.

Meanwhile, BBGSians in Malaysia or other parts of the world who are keen on joining the reunion, kindly contact bbgsoga@gmail.com or call 012-292 1460. We have a BBGSian working in Air Asia who can negotiate for group discounts for us flying to Sydney from Malaysia.

If you are a BBGSian living, studying or visiting Sydney during that time, please contact:

Bebe Sim Hui Huang: bebe_sim@yahoo.com

Janet Chong We Lian: jchongwlc@yahoo.com

...Simply Enjoying
Good Food & Good Company

SOME COMMENTS FROM FACEBOOK, click here to view more photos and comments... Mini Gathering

Says the hostess: "Sydney BBGSian Mini Gathering: Good company, good food - A most enjoyable evening despite the rain & lighting. Thank you to all for making this gathering a success

Thanks to Mr Eustace Lee who

made this occasion stress-free and successful.

BBGS loves supportive spouses!

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