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Igniting the BBGS Flame in London
Interviews by SY Phang via Skype, Email and Facebook

Twelve BBGSians created history in the heart of London by participating in the first inter-class school reunion in the quaint Souk Bazaar on 26 February 2011.

“We had a fabulous day at the reunion. Wow! Everyone got on very well…as if we had known each other for years. It was good meeting BBGSians from different years,” enthused Doreen Craig in a skype interview with BBGS OGA.

“We had such a super time yesterday that we started discussing plans for another reunion next year...woohooo!” added Doreen.

She has no regrets initiating the reunion although it required a lot of patience and resourcefulness. Initially, she had only one assistant in the person of Jin Kar Ong who was equally elated over the outcome.

Jin Kar commented: “Everyone enjoyed it enough to want to do it again next year. So that was a good sign.

“There were challenges trying to organise it from outside London as Doreen stays Glasgow while I am based in Bristol. We were both unfamiliar with London. Fortunately, Alice Lian who lives in London came to our rescue and did most of the running around.”

Souk Bazaar, 27 Litchfield Street WC2H 9NJ, London, United Kingdom.

A beautifully designed Welcome Card – a labour of love for our alma mater.

Evidently, six BBGSians could not wait to savour these lovely cupcakes.

Class, age and race matter not during BBGS reunions. (L-R): Amy Yew-Derrien (from Paris), Melanie Yap Mei Ling, Boey Moo Ling, Alice Lian, Melissa Siew-Grainger (Nottingham), Lee Pek Tho,Doreen Craig (Glasgow), Wong Suit Mui, Sangeeta Hare, Ong Jin Kar (Bristol), Mei Ling Routley and Melissa Lai.

As the restaurant saw to all their needs, especially where food and drinks were concerned, the girls were free to catch up with former schoolmates and got to make new friends. According to Doreen, it was a cosy restaurant and they felt very at home sitting on soft sofa cushions in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Jin Kar gave us a glimpse into the conversation that took place: “We exchanged news about what we are doing now and discussed the challenges of being parents. Among us, we have children ranging from newborns to teenagers.

“We spent time reminiscing our BBGS days and tried to find out what is happening among our teachers, especially Miss Cooke. Then, there were scary stories of our primary school being haunted by the spirits of Japanese soldiers.”

They also brainstormed what they should include in the BBGS OGAEU Facebook and did a head count to see if all the houses were represented. Alas, Prouse House was not there. Next year, perhaps?

BBGSian Mei-Ling Routley was the envy of the group as she brought her school magazine as well as her metal school badge and house badge. Subsequent badges in the later years were made of iron-on cloth materials.

L-R: Doreen Craig who initiated plans for the reunion, Amy Yew-Derrien who came all the way from Paris to attend the reunion and Jin Kar Ong who played a vital role in making the event a success.

Sangeeta (left) catching up with Mei-Ling Routley

Wong Suit Mui, who studied nursing in the UK, has been working in London for the past three decades.

Boey Moo Ling getting to know another Mei Ling — a young and enthusiastic Melanie Yap Mei Ling who sent an email after the event to ask her new-found schoolmates to stay in touch.

Friends from the Class of 1989 were happy to see each other again. L-R: Alice Lian, Melissa Siew and Lee Pek Tho.

All good things must end—on a very nostalgic note in this case. The BBGS School Song was sang in perfect harmony, video taped by a waiter who caught the tune and hummed along with our gals...

To listen to our BBGS sisters singing the school song in London, please click on:

A note from Doreen Craig: “We managed to raise £75 from the generosity of the girls as their contributions towards the Elena Cooke Education Fund. As agreed, I will be coming back to KL end June and will meet up with you to hand you our donation on behalf of BBGS OGAEU. Looking forward to meeting you. Once again, keep up your good work and thank you so much for your 'long distance' support! NISI DOMINUS FRUSTRA”.
BBGS OGA wishes to congratulate the BBGS OGAEU for organising a successful reunion and thank them for their kind donation towards the Elena Cooke Education Fund. The OGA will hold all donations in trust until ROS approves our constitution amendments which will enable us to set up a separate bank account for the proposed Elena Cooke Education Fund.

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